Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, not my Fun-day

Actually, this one is not so bad. I was suppose to work, but I ditched it so that I could sit around and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, I have a make-up midterm today at 4 pm and class at 6:30. I really wish I could find more joy in statistics. After all, I'm sure I make up a few. But so is life...

At least I'm feeling better, health-wise. Decided to actually stay the course with my antibiotics for a change. Maybe there's some truth to modern medicine? Not sure I'm convinced, yet.

Tomorrow should be a day to write about. I've got to be in court at 9 am. Got the subpoena in the mail, Friday. Fun! For some reason, although I'm not on trial, I feel as though I'm guilty and that the judge will seal my fate with one swift slam of the gavel. In a sense, this is true, although I'm not sure how much of my fate will be decided. I really hope the best for the accused even though it may not be the best for me. Only time will tell...

Cliche of the day (just for shits and giggles): "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink." Guess that depends on how thirsty you make him before he gets there.

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