Monday, October 6, 2008

Back to the Grind

And blowing my mind. For some reason I wanted to make that rhyme. Don't ask.

Holy shit, it's Monday! On the up-side, it's almost Tuesday. Unfortunately, I can't take much comfort in that because for me, Wednesdays suck just as bad. But I won't dwell because I am actually in a good mood. If only my youngest boy would quit handing me food to either open or cook. He may have an eating disorder of some sort. I'd rather think that he just prefers variety.

Obviously I have nothing major to write about. My brain is fried after a day of training for a job and reviewing for a test in math (my most dreaded subject). I haven't watched any particularly good movies, lately. Iron Man was cool, I guess. I really like Robert Downey Jr. He was in a really neat movie, Fur, with Nicole Kidman. It's based on the life of photographer, Diane Arbus. Kind of dark and strange, but I'm all about that kind of thing, anyway. Guess I prefer art that imitates life...

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