Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's not you, it's me...

Court sucked. The accused got one year in jail, but since they have a 2 for 1 plan, he should be out in 5 months or so. I was a nervous wreck. They made me get up and say a few things. I was literally shaking the whole time. Glad it's over!

I've been pretty sad, as of late, and it only seems to get worse because I keep getting sadder news! There are very few relationships that I care about in my life (besides family, of course). So, the odds would seem to favor those relationships lasting until they die out of natural causes. Since the quantity is low, the quality and duration should theoretically be high. NO, it would seem I was wrong.

There is a huge problem with being a female that prefers male friends. There is also a problem when people mistake wit for flirtation. Also, an even bigger problem when people think you are only friends with someone because you want favoritism and an easy ride. Well, fuck those people. We are all sexual by nature. Does this mean we all have sex with each other? NO. Can two intelligent, attractive people of the opposite sex not converse on a wide array of matters including but not limited to things involving sexual content, without there being sexual acts involved? Apparently not in the minds of some.

I'm sad over this. I feel that I've lost at least one good friend and mentor. I may lose another who I'm even more involved with. It breaks my heart...

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