Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Faith in myself

So, I've been considering starting my own church. It's a complicated feat, and it'll probably take me awhile to get it all together. And even then, I'm sure there will be some who will have problems with many aspects of it. The good thing about that is that they can always not join or just change it to fit what they like. That will be one of the rules, as a matter of fact: versatility. And that is where my church will differ from all other churches, although it is far from the only difference. I'll come up with more on this later.

I've gotten a little feedback on this blog of which I am very, very appreciative. It inspires me to write more frequently and encourages my thought process. I'm not too sure my thought process needs much encouragement, though. It seems I am always in the process of thinking. But then again, everyone is. That's what kills me about people saying that they don't dream. I mean it's not like we go brain-dead while sleeping or anything. Not remembering and not doing are two different things, although some might want to philosophically challenge me on this...

That brings me to a joke of the day! If a fat girl falls in the woods, and nobody sees her, do the trees laugh?? I'd like to thank Angie for that one. And it's not because Angie's fat and fell down one day to notice that she was alone in doing so, but because she introduced me to this joke. Angie is quite thin and lovely, as a matter of fact. She is also an avid reader of this blog, in case you haven't noticed... :)

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