Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sorry Blog

I've been neglecting my blog, as of late. I'm pretty much new to this kind of thing, anyway. It's a miracle I even do it at all, considering.

My daughter is alright. Her surgery went well for the most part, except we had to stay overnight at the hospital, which was unexpected. That sucked. But all's well that ends well and she's almost back to her old self. She's laying next to me as I write this. I can't understand why this is not boring to her, considering she can't read. Well, I'm being a bit presumptuous. If she could read, she would have probably gotten up and left by now. It's probably more exciting to watch me type and see the letters pop up on the screen than to actually read what I'm writing, today. This is really sad when I take into account that I'm an aspiring, creative writer.

Anyway, I may seem to be in a mood today. That is easily explained by the fact that I am in a mood, and a crappy one at that. I decided to try and quit taking pain killers on a somewhat regular basis. My brain does not seem to be happy with this, but I think it's better for us in the long run. And by "us" I do mean my brain and I because at times I believe we are separate from each other. It's complicated.

So, at least now I know what recovering drug addicts mean by taking it one day at a time. Actually, I think I learned that lesson when I quit smoking the last time I quit smoking. I'm currently a smoker. Maybe I torture myself by trying to get addicted to things, becoming addicted, and then quitting. It's a test of strength and endurance. A test of which I fail even after passing.

My daughter's breath has been really, really bad after her surgery. It's appallingly bad. So bad that I feel almost nauseated by it. Yet, when she wants to be near me or wants to kiss me, I am happy. This proves the theory that not only is love blind, it also causes chronic olfactory dysfunction (and yes, I did Google that). Her voice even sounds a little different. It's more nasally right now, but it sounds exceptionally sweet and innocent, which is just how a child should sound.

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