Monday, December 8, 2008

Book Idea

I'm thinking about writing a book about my own journey into death. It seems grim, I know, but bare with me. I can imagine Oprah adding it to her book club and then bringing me on her show to scold me for not being terminally ill or for not having a DDD (designated death date). My response will be, "Oprah, are we not all dying?" How could she argue? And then I'd point out that we never know when we will meet our end, so if I were to die the next day, would she recant her objections to the obtuse nature of my novel? I doubt she would because Oprah is always right. You don't get to be rich and powerful without being right, right?

I really don't know where I'm going with this thought. It just sprang into my head, as so many things do, and I felt like typing it out. Plus I thought this blog lacked a little imagination--Joke of the Day.

Why do I feel so internally tortured? And why do I never write anything positive in my blogs? In reality, I'm a pretty optimistic, happy-go-lucky person. Maybe I'm afraid that optimism seems ignorant and if one truly understands things, there is no way they can be optimistic. But, again, I AM an optimist, dammit, so I shall rebuke that theory and trade it in for visions of sunshine and rainbows. I really seem to be cynical as of late...

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