Thursday, September 25, 2008


I want to try and take stock of all those people in my life who really make a difference. Now, making a difference may not always be a positive thing, but at least it's something.

Mom: You gave me life, you give me life, and without you, I am completely lost.
Dad: You helped give me life, you try your best, and although you may never know this, you are really someone I admire.
Ninny: You've shown me that unbelievable goodness does exist in people.
PawPaw: I am most like you, yet I could only aspire to be anywhere near the caliber of the person you were. You did not speak much, but when you did, everyone listened and it was always substantive. R.I.P.
Alan: For teaching me the use of the word "substantive." I am forever grateful! :)
MawMaw Roland: For showing me that family is the most important thing on Earth. No matter how poor you were, you were always rich with love. R.I.P.
Greg: For giving me Houston, although it was as far from a selfless act as one could get. He's an awesome child and if you only allowed him to show that to you, he would. YOUR LOSS!
Andy: For being my first "puppy love." R.I.P.
Jeff: For showing me that life is hard and once you make your bed, you have to lie in it. I could think of other cliches for you, but I don't want this to drag. Also, thanks for the kids. At least you do know how awesome they are. And thanks for keeping things interesting.
Uncle Wesley: For taking up the most slack for being the "odd" one in the family. I can only wish to be as much of an outcast as you.
Angie: For being one of my truest, coolest, most level-headed friends. What would I have done without you?
Trista: For being my oldest friend and for all the good times then and the ones still to come.
Bull: For being my "catalyst" or "enzyme." Also, for giving me a job and believing in my abilities.
Barry: For all the long talks and helping me with Houston.
Chris: For being my first ex-husband and remaining my friend through it all.
Lisa: For making me realize that everyday I'm alive and get to be with my children, is truly a blessing. R.I.P.
Alan: For being genuinely interested in what happens to me and teaching me to think beyond myself.
Stevie B: For listening and pushing me to do my best (even though giving me 99s, instead of 100s was a little annoying).
Mr. Lowe: For showing me that learning could be and sometimes is, fun.
Houston: For having almost my exact personality (sorry) and yet, being the coolest kid on the planet at the same time. You are the love of my life!
Bevan: For being my only little girl and showing me what it means to be one. You are so beautiful! You are the other love of my life!
Piers: For being so strange that it brightens my life and brings joy to me every moment I'm around you. You are the last, but not least, love of my life!
Various boyfriends or flings of the past: No matter how minimal our time was together, it still shapes who I am, today.
Elvis: For being my past self. R.I.P.

If I have left anyone out, I am sorry. My mind can only remember so many things at once and the older I get, the slower it goes.

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