Thursday, November 13, 2008


I'm starting one. I really hope I have the patience to give it the time it deserves. I get really distressed by the fact that there are no truly original thoughts left. This makes me incredibly envious of someone such as Homer. The best I can do now is just try and put my own spin on it. Whatever that is.

In regards to this blog, I made a vow to write something at least somewhat substantive. I've never been much for keeping vows together. Just call me Butterfingers.

The good thing is that I do admit and embrace my faults. I've been finding myself very impatient with those who don't. It sometimes makes it difficult to talk with someone like this. Opposites definitely don't attract in this case. It drives a wedge between people. The more you realize that no matter what you say or do to a person such as this, they just don't get it, and then you get to a point of indifference. What they say has no meaning if they don't know themselves on a true level. At first you think that you can't fault them for lying to you when they don't realize that they are doing so. Then it comes to a point where you can fault them because they refuse to stand back and take stock and accountability for their actions or lack thereof.

Is honesty a thing of the past? Is lying so ingrained in us that we can't remember what the truth is? Is it the complexity of a lie that draws us to use it? Have we become that bored?

I don't need or seek drama, anymore. I've become pretty honest as of late. There are a few things I lie about, but it's only when the truth is unnecessarily hurtful, that I do so. And I'm mainly referring to not telling my mother about shit she would not approve of and shit that would worry her. That would be a selfish way of absolving myself of guilt. I do NOT lie to men about trivial bullshit. I do NOT lie to people about my feelings toward them. I do NOT say that I am reliable when in fact I am often quite unreliable. I do say that I am loyal to a fault and I appreciate even the smallest of kindness in such an often cold and unkind world.


Grégoire said...

I'm starting one.

I would really dig the opportunity to read it. You seem like an interesting person.

Medusa said...

Thank you. My life has been quite interesting although I'm not sure, that as a person, I am anything special. If a person is truly the sum of their parts, then one could argue this point of course.