Thursday, June 18, 2009

Full Circle

I'm back to hating my current school, again. I hate pretty much all the students. I definitely hate all the administrative staff that can't find their asses from a hole in the ground. I only have 1 professor that I actually see face-to-face. He is a very nice (prob too nice) guy who asks questions and look pleadingly into the faces of his students for some type of intelligent involvement. I usually don't like to speak up in class but I feel forced to because I am somewhat empathetic to his need to know that at least 1 of the 35 or so students in his class has at least half an active brain left. This trend is all too common and it's very discouraging to me. Sometimes I feel like dropping out and going back to the world of the 9-5 zombie existence that I used to actually get paid for.

I really feel for you, Masked Philosopher. If your students are as bad (or dare I say worse) than these, I really don't know how you manage to make it through the day without some type of bloodshed (figuratively meaning of course).


The Masked Philosopher said...

Who says I don't? Figuratively, of course. :)

Don't give up on your education--the 9-5 world is full of ignorant assholes too, probably more so.

Medusa said...

But at least those assholes don't pretend to be knowledgeable.... Well, I guess they (especially bosses) do. I won't give up. I'm not even sure I know how to give up even on things I should.